Thomas Robert Daley makes me happy.

Hi I'm Rachel. 100% Tom Daley blog (feat other divers too). Tom Daley is perfect. Met the 3 amigos. Tom, Jack, Chris, Tonia, Matty and Pete follow me on twitter. Person(s)~

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"one day someone is going to hug you so tight that all of your broken pieces will stick back together"

- Tom Daley aka my luv (via ohmydivers)

Jump or Spunk?

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Tom Daley for Heat Magazine - April 12th 2014

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Hey guys, it would be great if you could use a minute of your day to sign this petition about getting more funding and awareness for Pancreatic cancer, pancreatic cancer only receives 1% of UK cancer funding, however even if that percentage raised to 3% it could prolong someone’s life by 5 years. So please please please could you sign this, it will only take a minute!


Thank you so so much!:):) x

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